Austin Longhorns Called Me A Bitter Utah Fan And I’m Triggered


So, used one of my tweets in writing their article today about the comments Utah’s QB1 Tyler Huntley made after Texas whooped their ass on NYE 38-10. If you haven’t already, you can read my blog about the excuse train Huntley rode home on to Utah here.

If you’re too lazy to click, my blog essentially discussed how absurd it was for Huntley to try and blame being on vacation mode in San Antonio for the beat down he received in the Alamo Bowl. Not once did Huntley mention the fact that he and the offensive line gave up 5 sacks. Or that Ehlinger picked apart their No. 3 defense in the country. Both of which seem like they played a bigger role in the obliteration than a night out on the River Walk.

But I’ll give credit where credit is due, my tweet was awesome. So, I don’t blame for wanting to use it in their own story. That’s not why I’m triggered. My issue with is they had the audacity to call me a “bitter Utah fan” and did so in their headline!

What gives,

If you did any research, such as reading my website or looking at any of my most recent tweets, you’d see I am very far from being a Utah Mormon. Frankly, my entire “brand” stems on being quite the opposite.

I guess it was New Years day though. Maybe the writer was just hung over and being a little lazy. One too many margs on the River Walk. That’s fine. I’ve been there.

But, how could you possibly associate that tweet with someone being a Utah fan? And a bitter one at that!

Clearly, I’m a UT fan making fun of Huntley for trying to blame a San Antonio vacay on getting his ass kicked in the Alamo Bowl. Which I guess is technically a knock on San Antonio but find me one person who’d rather go to SA than Hawaii? I’ll wait.

Would it have killed to have the headline read “Blessed Longhorn Fans Target San Antonio, River Walk After Utes QB Refers To Bowl Trip As Vacation”?

Because while I appreciate the shoutout in, calling me a bitter Utah fan may be the most disrespectful thing that’s happened to me all of 2020.

And for the record, while I do not think San Antonio is a vacation destination, I do love the city. I rank them No. 2 in best Mexican food in the entire United States — Austin of course being No. 1. That is one of the highest compliments I can give.

Also, during my 12 hour stay in San Antonio on Tuesday, I had the priviledge of going to three different Mexican restaurants; Los Barrios (8.2/10), La Fogata (7.8/10) and Acenar (6.7/10). It shoud be noted that I rate Mexican restaurants strictly on a combination of the queso, salsa and margaritas.

Bottom line, I am not a Utah fan. And I am not bitter. I’m just a simple Longhorn fan trying to live a simple queso fueled life, while also trying to hold opposing teams accountable for making excuses about getting their asses kicked in the Alamo Bowl. No more, no less.


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