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American Airline Pilot Demands A Texans Fan Take Off His Hat

In 2020 you would think this type of ignorance would be a thing of the past. That we as society, especially professional such as pilots, would be above behavior so childlike and petty. I know Sully would have never pulled a stunt like this.

All it takes though is one boneheaded decision to set an entire biz (or airline) back thirty years. This American airlines pilot demanding a poor Texans fan remove his cap before taking off, for the sole purpose of pandering to his audience, did just that. Sickening.

However, there is hope for humanity. And Houstonians. Because I do know of one airline that would never let this occur on their watch:


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  • Who wrote this article? Whomever it was you need to grow a pair and quit being a little bitch. Grab your emotional support animal and go to your room and think about what you did.

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