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Should Texas Get The Credit If LSU Wins The National Championship?

The 61-yard touchdown pass from Burrow to Justin Jefferson on 3rd and 17 with two and a half minutes remaining was not just a turning point of that game, it was a turning point for LSU’s entire season. Joe Brady’s words, not mine.

Without this play, LSU doesn’t have an undefeated season. Fact. They also don’t carry the swag and momentum going into the rest of the year, specifically, an Alabama game they had lost the last 7 of. And without a doubt Burrow isn’t catapulted into the national spotlight, giving him the confidence to become a Heisman trophy winner and 1st overall draft pick.

Now, Todd Orlando did make the call to go all out blitz on the 3rd and 17, so, he of course should get most of the credit for LSU winning the National Championship. But football is a team sport. And after all, it took our entire team to make this play possible.

You’re welcome LSU.


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