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Sam Ehlinger Is The Best QB1 LSU Faced All Season And It’s Not Even Close

So, this tweet has been making the rounds today. I don’t know who this Shea Dixon dude is but I can tell you this about him, he’s either an absolute idiot or the most forgetful human being in the history of human beings. Because there is zero reason or excuse for failing to mention this man in his tweet above:

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Unlike the other 5 QB1s that Shea Dixon listed in his tweet, Ehlinger put up 401 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs, 8.5 yards/attempt + another 70 yards on the ground against LSU. And that was in Week 2 of the season. Ehlinger hadn’t even gotten warmed up yet.

Oh, did I mention Ehlinger was also the first QB with 400 passing yards in a game against LSU since 2011?

But maybe I am forgetting something. Or didn’t read the tweet correctly? So, let me check with Mr. Data:

Thanks, Kyle. Excellent point.

Looks like I am correct and this was unfortunately just an incredibly irresponsible tweet on the part of Shea Dixon.


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