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Emmanuel Acho Went On National TV And Claimed Texas DBs Received $1,000 For Every INT They Made

Obviously, this clip of Odell Beckham Jr. handing out $100s to LSU players following the National Championship game has been all the rage the past few days. Takes of all shapes and sizes have been made as to whether it was right, wrong or simply just does not matter.

Insert Emmanuel Acho.

Acho played linebacker at Texas from 2008-2012 and is now an analyst for ESPN. I’ve blogged about Acho’s hot takes before but essentially he has gone full heel and often times even bashes his alma mater. For example, prior to this years Texas v. LSU game Acho went on TV to proclaim LSU is DBU, not Texas:

Well, today Acho was back on his bullshit. He again went on ESPN’s No. 1 morning show, Get Up, and claimed the Longhorns were paid $1,000 for every interception they could come up with in the 2009 BCS National Championship against Alabama:

“We went to the national championship game in 2009 and … it was public to the team, for every interception the defensive back got, they were going to get $1,000. For every pick y’all got against Alabama in the national championship game, you’re going to get $1,000. Now, the difference is we just didn’t do it publicly on the field.”

Hey Acho, keep Texas name off your lips! For real dude, what gives? Without even being provoked you rat out not only your former school but your coaches, Mack Brown and Muschamp? Pathetic.

For what it’s worth, if Acho is telling the truth, Texas only had 1 INT in the game and it came off a fake punt. The man who came up with the lone interception and the $1K prize, longhorn legend Blake Gideon, who is now an assistant coach at Ole Miss.

Poor Blake Gideon was just minding his own business in Mississippi today, while Acho is up in Bristol, Connecticut trying to get his $1k confiscated by the NCAA! Unreal.

Should Emmanuel Acho be required to turn in his Horns? I don’t know but a lot of people are asking.