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Texas AD Chris Del Conti HATES Black Uniforms


Should Texas bust out black/alternative uniforms once a year? My opinion is this:

It’s not my call to make. It also shouldn’t be Athletic Director Chris Del Conte’s call to make either.

The team captains should vote each year on whether they want to do it, and if they do, which game to wear them. It’s that simple. Because if the team finds motivation or an advantage in going all black unis, then I’m all for it.

On the same hand, if the boys want to stay traditional and go classic unis all season, I’m a veteran in class, so, that’s just fine be me.

But for all the hills to die on as an Atheltic Director, Del Conte wants to die on the no alternative uniform hill? Interesting.

PS: I asked my girlfriend her thoughts on black uniforms. “No, black is Halloween and OSU.” House divided.


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