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Vanilla Ice Went To Lubbock To Kick Off His Comeback Tour?

Incredible. 20 years removed from his last tour, Vanilla Ice is officially back. And selling out stadiums too? Now granted, it was during the Tech game but you got to think students packed the house for Vanilla Ice, not a 24th ranked basketball team going against unranked Iowa State. Because say what you want about VI, the dude knows how to bring the heat:

I will offer him two tips though. The mic stand he was using in the Tech performance:

Has to go. Looks way too much like a cane. And when you’re a 52 year old white rapper on a comeback tour, you can’t have that image out there.

Second tip, you have to demand a half time performance. Performing during a timeout break in the 1st half is for amateurs. It also feels way too rushed.

At the end of the day though, it’s just great to have Vanilla Ice back and filling up arenas across America.

PS: Tech beat Iowa State 72-52.


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