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One Of UT’s Top Football Commits And Potential Future QB1 Ja’Quinden Jackson Weighs In On The Black Jersey Debate

The alternative uniform debate has been all the rage in the Texas twitter world the past few days.

I wrote my take on the matter yesterday, which was essentially that me, AD Del Conte or even the coaches should not be the ones to make the decision.

Rather, the team captains should vote every year on whether they want to bust them out, and if they do, which game to wear them. It’s really that simple. Because like I said in my original blog, if the team finds motivation or an advantage in all black/alternative uni, then we should be all for it.

And this tweet by Ja’Quinden Jackson is exactly why. The old farts on twitter can talk about how Texas is above alternative uniforms. That we are too blue blood and too damn classy to as AD Del Conti would “candy them up.”

But clearly there are players who disagree with that. And they are the ones putting their bodies on the line every Saturday. Pouring their blood, sweat and tears into the University of Texas. It should be their call to make, not us keyboard warriors tweeting from the couch.

And if this dude wants to wear all black uniforms:

Then all black it should be!


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