If You Don’t Think Matt’s El Rancho Is The No. 1 Mexican Food Restaurant In Austin You Either Have An Unsophisticated Palate Or You’re Just An Idiot

Yesterday, I put out my list of the Top 5 Mexican Food Restaurants in Austin. I absolutely nailed it too. Just an incredibly accurate list.

Although full disclosure, I did waver for quite some time as to whether to go with Taco Flats or El Chile for the No. 5 spot. But the decision was made and I stand by it. I did however fully expect to receive some backlash for putting Taco Flats in the top 5 being that it is a fairly new spot.

What I did not expect though was the slander Matt’s El Rancho would receive:

What. The. Hell. Do these people not have taste buds?!?

Matt’s El Rancho is one the most lucrative restaurants in all of America for a reason. Just two months ago, Restaurant Business put out their 2019 Top 100 Independents and had El Rancho at No. 85 out of all the restaurants in the ENTIRE COUNTRY:

Bringing in $13 million annually making Mexican food is absolutely insane. That means El Rancho brought in more money than Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson brought in this year….COMBINED. Balling.

Also, if you look at all the other restaurants above El Rancho on the Top 100 list, it’s steakhouses or other fancy restaurants out of New York with average meals reaching over $100. El Rancho though is bringing in $13 milly with an average of just $25 per meal. That’s big time.

El Rancho also served 524,888 meals this past year. Austin’s entire population, 964,254. Meaning Matt’s El Rancho literally may have served over half of Austin in 2019. Numbers don’t like. Austinites LOVE El Rancho.

And with numbers like this, I actually would argue El Rancho is the OVERALL No.1 restaurant in all of Austin. There’s not a single other restaurant, whether it be Italian, Asian, American, Indian, Greek, etc, that can compete with the numbers El Rancho is putting out.

So, bottom line is this — if you don’t like Matt’s El Rancho you’re in the minority and should go see a doctor to make sure your taste buds are working properly.

For those at home wondering my go-to order: 5 dots, 2 Large Bobs and 2 asadero tacos on flour, no onions (although lately I’ve been going steak quesadillas).


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