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This Is Why Sam Ehlinger Should Be The Richest QB1 In The Country

To no ones surprise, Texas is the most valuable college football program in the world. Although I do feel like $1.01 Billion seems a little low?

But here’s the deal, if Texas is worth the most money in college football, and if the NCAA were to allow players to be paid, then Texas would have the most money to pay their players. Facts. $1.01 Billion to pay them to be percise. And the highest paid position in football? QB1 of course. Who’s Texas current QB1? Sam Fucking Ehlinger. Which is why he would, and should, be the highest paid QB1 in all of college football.

It also doesn’t hurt that this past season he went off for 3,663 YRDs and 32 TDs. Not to mention, an incredible Alamo Bowl performance, which was nearly as ridiculous as his Sugar Bowl performance the season prior.

So, if Sam were able to get paid, he’d be coming into a senior contract year demading top dollar. He would get it too. Because Texas would have to think, if we can just get him into the College Football Playoff bowl game, then we’re set. The National Championship will be back home to Austin this time next year.

Unfortunately for Ehlinger, the NCAA is a bunch of losers. THANKFULLLY though, Ehlinger still has his gum empire to fall back on, along with a long NFL career.


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