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Who Would You Rather See In A Cowboys Uniform Next Season, Dez Bryant Or Jason Witten?

Dez wants to make a return with the Cowboys, his words not mine. But will the Cowboys make the call?

From a football stance, haters will say it’s too risky picking him up not knowing where he’s at athletically after essentially two years off from the game. Which is fair. But ask yourself this haters, does this look like a man who doesn’t have anymore gas left in the tank, like a man who isn’t ready to put up 10 catches, 160 yards and 3 TDs on any given Sunday:

Sure as hell does to me.

Also, don’t forget this haters — Dez is a 3-time Pro Bowl player, who totaled over 7,459 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns in his eight year career. The dude balled. So, put some respect in his name when you speak it.

Plus, if I know one thing about Jerry Jones, it’s Jerry is all showbiz. And Dez back in a Cowboys uniform would be must watch TV. I know it, you know it, Dez knows it and Jerry DEFINITELY knows it.

However, logistically speaking, I do get it may be hard to find room for a 31 yr old Dez, being the Cowboys already have a stacked WR corps. But if Kellen Moore is the boy genius people claim him to be, then he shouldn’t have a problem drawing up a few packages featuring all four (Cooper, Gallup, Cobb and Dez) on the field at once. Or maybe even consider moving Dez over as a tight end? Problem city, Population every NFL defense.

To me, bringing Dez back makes a lot more sense than brining back a 37 yr old Jason Witten. Because lets get real, Witten’s return to the NFL this past season definitely did not go as envisioned. His 529 receiving yards and four touchdowns were the lowest yardage tally since his rookie season in 2003, and the Boys caught a lot of flak for overplaying Witten in situations better suited for the more athletic Blake Jarwin.

At the end of the day, the Cowboys desperately need someone who can come in and bring some pep to the team. Flare. Pizazz. Swag. And no players embraces those attributes better than the X man himself. Make the call, Jerry.

PS: Dez caught it.