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Should Chris Simms Get A Tattoo Of Kyle Shanahan If The 49ers Win The Super Bowl?

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During their time at Texas, Chris Simms was obviously the big man on campus between these two. Hard not to be when you’re QB1 of the top program in the country. But it’s 2020 now and the tables have turned, Kyle Shanahan is just one game away from being a Super Bowl head coach.

And by Kyle agreeing to do the interview for Chris Simms’ first podcast, which has been making it’s rounds this Super Bowl week, he clearly did his old QB1 a solid– giving him a one on one with a future Super Bowl head coach.

Which got me thinking, this isn’t the first time Shanahan has done Simms a solid. It actually seems as if Shanahan is always going the extra mile for Simms. Like the story of when they were at Texas and got tattoos together — Shanahan ended up getting Simms initials on his ankle, and Simms just got a random calf sleeve tat:

Kyle was a real wimp about it,” Simms said. “He got a small one on his ankle. He was afraid his mom and dad would see it, so he keeps it hidden underneath his socks.”

Shanahan later responded:

Let me tell you what really happened,” Shanahan said. “Chris was dying to get a tattoo. When we got to the (tattoo parlor), I was the only one who already didn’t have one. It wasn’t any big deal for the others.

“I had to be a man about it. I got one out of loyalty to my buddies. Now, Chris, he got one the size of his calf, but I didn’t want one that big because I didn’t want to show off.”

Obviously, has to hurt to get your boys initials and him not return the favor. Especially when your boy goes with a big ole calf tattoo instead. Damn.

Then fast forward 20 years and you’re doing him favors? On the biggest week of your life? Shanahan is bigger man than most.

I can’t be alone in feeling strongly that Simms should acknowledge the loyalty by going on the record and agreeing to get a back tat of Shanahan if the 49ers win the Super Bowl? It’s the least Simms could do.


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