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Texas Football Assistant Coach May Have Just Killed An Aggie

I don’t know @JHawkins95 but I do know he is now dead. Or at best, a shell of himself. Because there is absolutely no coming back from the beat down Coach Herb Hand just levied down on that Aggie for the entire general public/twitter to see.

And to Coach Herb’s credit, he wasn’t looking to hurt, shame, embarrass, or kill an Aggie. He simply was just making sure everyone was accurate with their assessments so they don’t look ill-informed. What a guy. What a coach.

Not to mention, Coach Herb is right in his own assessment — it is the most beautiful photograph ever taken. It’s also without a doubt the best touchdown to ever be scored by an offensive lineman in the history of the game of football.

If you recall, it was the 4th quarter and Texas had WVU on the ropes, however, the game was still not yet sealed.

Enter Sam Cosmi.

Knowing Texas needed a huge play to lock the game up, Cosmi put the ball in his own hands. As they say — big time, big boy players, make big time plays, in big time games. And that is exactly what this was.

The Sam 2 Sam connect, followed by Cosmi’s quick release up field, blazing speed, the juke to cause a WVU defender to fall flat on his face and then the absolute truck stick into the End Zone.

Show me another TD scored by an offensive lineman in the existence of football that has that much athleticism, pizazz and grit, with so much on the line. I’ll wait…

PS: Second best picture to ever be taken would have to go to these bros:


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