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‪Here Is Why JJ Watt Hosting SNL Has Me Nervous ‬

For most of JJ’s career, he’s taken a lot of heat for coming off as try-hard and cheesy. But over the years, he’s done quite of job changing public perception. Dialing back the workout vidoes, box jumps and letterman jackets. It also doesn’t hurt that he personally raised over $3.6 million for Hurricane Harvey. 

So, am I worried by going on national television and trying to tell jokes, JJ will ruin the image he has worked so hard to change? No, I am not. Personally, I think he will kill it. 

I’m worried because after 9 seasons, countless injuries/concussions, there is no doubt retirement is on JJ’s mind. And by making these TV appearances, and not just ESPN shows but bigtime, spotlight ones like SNL, clearly shows JJ wants to taste the post playing career market in TV and Movies. 

As a Texan fan, that has me nervous. And it should make all Texans fans worried. Because the clock is ticking on JJ’s career and it starts this Saturday.

PS: If JJ isn’t bench pressing during his opening monologue, SNL has officially lost its fastball.


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