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Jay Bilas Says If He Was Texas AD That Shaka Smart‘s Job Wouldn’t Be In Danger

During tonight’s Texas v. Kansas game, ESPN play-by-play announcer Bob Wischusen addressed the elephant in the room aka Shaka being fired:

The pressure on Shaka Smart to get some wins is how high?”

Jay Bilas chimed in:

Well, it’s high on everybody, but I think Texas fans expect to go to the NCAA Tournament, and this is a team that is scratching and clawing to get there. I can tell you this, that if I were the athletic director at Texas, he would be in no danger. I think he is not only an outstanding coach, he’s one of the best people you will ever meet.

Look Bilas, I appreciate your concern. I do. But maybe you should keep your focus on helping Duke (your Alma Matter) figure out how to beat Stephen F. Austin?

Because in my opinion, it’s your soft, zero accountability type of attitude that gets a program embarrassed by a lowly school like SFA.

And as a basketball program who’s less than two years away from moving into a new $130 million arena, we’re actually trying to stay away from embarrassing ourselves. Rather, turning our attention on building a championship, one and done factory. So, thanks but no thanks. We’ll go ahead and fire Shaka if we don’t make a March Madness run.


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