Patrick Mahomes High School Classmate Predicts His Super Bowl Win In 2013 Yearbook

Talk about calling your shot! No surprise either that with the gift Spencer has for speaking things into existence, he ended up doing God’s work as a Preacher:

You have to think Joel Olsteen was feeling the heat this Monday morning too. Because with Spencer‘s ability to predict the future, it clearly cements him as the top preacher in Texas.

Also, what else does this Spencer guy know? Would love to get his thoughts on when a Cowboys Super Bowl is coming? Or a Longhorn National Championship? At the very least, whether the Mavs will cover the spread against Indiana tonight?

PS: How about Kaitlin:


Sheesh! Some girls just wants to watch the world burn I guess. And while I cannot help Kaitlin out as to who of the Whitehouse High School class of 2013 got fat, I can tell her who got the richest — that would be Patrick Mahomes, who just finished his 3 yr rookie contract as a Super Bowl MVP. Unless, Jack Terrel came into $100 million dollars since high school graduation, which you can’t rule out: