Is Baylor Back To Their Cheating Ways?

It’s almost been 5 years since notorious cheater and cover upper, Art Briles, left the Baylor program. In the time that has since ensued, it has seemed like Baylor finally got on track and back to their losing ways.

So, was it shocking to see Baylor football have the season they had this past year — falling just one game short from making the college football playoffs? Sure. Is it even more eye popping that a little over a month later Baylor’s basketball program is now sitting at No. 1 in the country? I would say so. But does that mean they are cheating up in Waco? Of course not.

HOWEVER, does the fact that MaCio Teague, who’s an 86% free throw shooter, blew two free throws with 6 seconds left on the clock, causing the spread not to hit and degenerates everywhere having to pay their bookies seem a little fishy? I don’t know but it definitely makes you think.


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