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Rate The Astros New Slogan For The 2020 Season They Just Released

For The H? Maybe I am an idiot or have lost my fastball and am too old, but I don’t get it? Would it have killed them to at least have made it “For H-Town”? Or maybe the H isn’t for Houston at all, but for Hinch? Either way, the slogan is not great.

Personally, I think the Astros PR team has go back to the drawing board and chose one of these:

1. Swangin and Bangin

2. Embrace The Hate

3. H-town v. The World

4. Steal It Back

5. For The Haters

6. Bangers Come And Go, Banners Last Forever

Official rating: 3.1/10

UPDATE: Houston’s XFL team, the Roughnecks, slogan is already #ForTheH:

Yikes. Not a great look for the Astros in the midst of a sign stealing controversy to now be stealing slogans but here we are.