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TJ’s Ford’s Reaction To His Son Drilling A Game Winning Three Pointer Is The Best

I have no clue how old TJ Jr. is but I do know this, he has a very wet jumper and the clutch gene to go with it.

If you listen to the audio, as the players are lining up for the inbound pass, you can hear TJ yelling “be the man, be the man”. And sure enough, TJ Jr. drains the raindrop dagger three to seal the win and in fact, be the man. Love it.

Did a quick google search on TJ Jr. and doesn’t look like he has an offer from Texas yet. Which is just absurd. Come on, Shaka. Pick up the phone and make the offer. Because when the son of the only star Texas player to ever lead the Horns to a Final Four appearance (if you don’t include 1943/1947), you offer him. That’s just the way the world works.

PS: When googling TJ Ford for this blog, I came across this picture:

Image result for tj ford"

LEGENDARY. Need those shorts asap. What a look, man.


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