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How Dumb Is My Friend For Saying Eric Crouch Is A Better QB1 Than Sam Ehlinger?

This same friend also claims a hole-in-one at pitch and putt, is in fact NOT a hole-in-one. So, you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt. Which is why I try not to engage in this simps nonsense. But his latest argument wasn’t just dumb and boneheaded, it was insulting. And when you attack and disparage Ehlinger’s good QB1 name, you get blogged about. So, here were are.

First, lets take a look at arguably the most important QB stat that there is — passing yards:

Eric Crouch vs. Sam Ehlinger passing:

Freshman: EC 601 vs. SE 1,915

Sophomore: EC 1,269 vs. SE 3,292

Junior: EC 1,101 vs. SE 3,663

Senior: EC 1,510 vs. SE TBD

LOL. Ehlinger more than doubles Crouch’s passing yards in every season played. Actually, in taking a second glance at their junior seasons, Ehlinger more than TRIPLED Crouch’s passing yards. Very interesting.

But maybe I’m not looking deep enough. Maybe Eric Crouch has an incredible Touchdown/Interception ratio. Excuse me while I take a deeper dive into the numbers.

Eric Crouch v. Sam Ehlinger TD/Int ratio:

Freshman: EC 4 TDs/4 Ints vs. SE 11 TDs/7 Ints

Sophomore: EC 7 TDs/4 Ints vs. SE 25 TDs/5 Ints

Junior: EC 11 TDs/7 Ints vs. SE 32 TDs/10 Ints

Senior: EC 7 TDs/10 Ints vs. SE TBD

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?! Ehlinger threw for more Touchdowns last season alone than Crouch threw his entire college career. Incredible. Also, how about Crouch throwing more Interceptions than Touchdowns in his senior season. The year he won the Heisman?!??! Damn. Just how bad of a year must it have been for College Football in 2002?!

Now, I get the game of football has evolved and is much more pass heavy now. That looking at the numbers from 2002 to 2020 may not tell the whole story. But you know what also has evolved, HUMANS. Every year people will get bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. AKA, evolution. Which is exactly why arguing that a midgrade college QB 20 years ago who didn’t even get drafted in the NFL as a QB, is somehow better than a 2020 Heisman favorite, is simply idiotic. Just an incredibly infuriating and irresponsible take by my friend Kyle. Is it time I get a new friend? Maybe?

Cornhuskers near and far will say but wait– you didn’t provide rushing stats in your blog. This isn’t a fair blog! Crouch was known for his legs not his arm! Well, Cornhuskers, this debate is who is the better QB1, not RB1. HOWEVER, because I am an unbiased man, who just wants to provide the people with a humble, honest, cold hard take, here are the rushing numbers:

Eric Crouch v. Sam Ehlinger rushing yards:

Freshman: EC 459 yds on 96 attempts vs. SE 381 yrds 112 attempts

Sophomore: EC 889 yds on 180 attempts vs. SE 482 yrds on 164 attempts

Junior: EC 971 yds on 169 attempts vs. SE 663 yds on 163 attempts

Senior: EC 1,115 yds on 203 attempts vs. SE TBD

While Crouch and Ehlinger rushing yards are eerily similar, the amount of rushing ATTEMPTS Crouch had every season seems to be drastically more high than Ehlinger. So, even the argument that Crouch was a better runner than Ehlinger makes zero sense. Because they’re actually fairly equal when it comes to running. And very much unequal when it comes to throwing the football/being a quarterback.

To summarize, Sam Ehlinger is without a doubt, no questions asked, take it to the bank, sure fire, lock it up and throw away the keys, better QB1 than Eric Crouch could ever dream to be. Facts.


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