Girl Goes Scorched Earth On Baker Mayfield, Takes To Twitter Claiming She And Baker Have Been Hooking Up


Now, is it a possibility this girl Kacie could just be making all of this up? Absolutely. But clearly there does seem to be some smoke here.

So much so, that if I were a detective, or Baker Mayfield’s wife, I would be taking note of the fact that Baker blocked Kacie on twitter for seemingly no reason. And that he sent her private selfie snapchats, also, for seemingly no reason. I definitely would be sure to jot down that Kacie gave a very specific place for one of their rendezvous — the backseat of his car. All very interesting and certainly something Mrs. Mayfield will have discussions with Mr. Mayfield about.

At the end of the day, I just can’t help but to think Sam Ehlinger would NEVER find himself in this predicament.


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