Video: Dallas Stripper Falls From 15-Foot Poll And Lives To Tell About It

Dallas– An exotic dancer in Texas says she’s OK after falling off a 15-foot pole at XTC Cabaret Dallas over the weekend.

In a viral video posted on Twitter Sunday the woman, identified as Genea, can be seen falling from near the top of the poll onto the stage.

“I’m getting a lot of messages asking me if I’m OK,” Genea said in a video response she posted to her Instagram. “I’m OK and I just wanted to let everybody know that I’m good.”

Genea suffered a fractured jaw and broken teeth as a result of her fall and also needed stitches. She explained in her video response that she’s getting surgery Monday but didn’t specify what kind of surgery.

“I have my life and even with my injury to my face it could have been a lot worse,” Genea said.

Absolute warrior.

If I was a stripper (shocker, I’m not) and fell 15 feet while on the pole, not a chance I get back up. And if I did, I would easily be out 4-6 weeks. Probably longer if I’m being real with myself. Not Genea though. Girl is a whole different animal. Because less than 24 hours later she’s up and giving interviews. Judging by the way Genea’s talking, I have no doubt she’ll make a full, speedy recovery and be back on the pole before we know it.

Although, if the donations keep coming in, Genea may not have to: