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Carlos Correa Blasts Mike Fiers and Cody Bellinger, Honorably Admits To Using A Trash Can And Then Explains Why Jose Altuve Didn’t Want His Jersey Ripped Off After The Walk-Off

Look, Jose Altuve is a perfectionist. A man so dedicated to his craft that he turned his 5′ 5″ stature into a two time batting champion, World Series champion, and MVP. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he wouldn’t want the entire world to see his unfinished tat. Would you? Especially in the year 2020 when an unfinished tat can turn into a viral meme. You just can’t take those chances. Which is exactly why he told his teammates not to rip off his jersey:

And I believe Correa. He is genuinely pissed at Fiers for being a back stabbing asshole, and at Bellinger for coming at Altuve and trying to disparage his good name:

Plus, Correa sat there and admitted he and other players used the trach can system. Why would he lie for Altuve? Doesn’t add up.