Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic, Confirmed Cardi B Fanboy

Luke and Cardi? Sitting in a tree? K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

Crazier things have happened — ever heard of Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries? Plus, being it was just valentines day weekend, love is in the air. And who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a surging NBA superstar who’s currently averaging 24.1 points, 8.5 rebounds and 7 assists a game.

Also, if these two were to get together, they instantly skyrocket to a top 3 power couple in the world. Only two bigger would be Jay Z/Beyoncé and James Harden/every stripper in America.

Really, the only thing standing in the way of Cardi B and Luka heading to the alter is Cardi B’s current boyfriend, Offset. But after a quick google search, I learned this man Offset was recently caught cheating on Cardi. Yikes. Is Cardi really going to try and make it work with a cheater? Doubt it. So, don’t be surprised to see Cardi call off, Offset, and call on, Luka Doncic.

However, I’d be lying if said I didn’t have concerns with Luka/Cardi. That concern being the obvious fact that Cardi B is a known and certified baddd girl. Just would hate to see Luka end up in any drama or even worse, with a broken heart.