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Deion Sanders Is Pissed Someone Pissed On The Toilet Seat

When you woke up this morning, did you think you’d get to hear Deion Sanders preach about the audacity some men have to piss all over a public toilet seat? I sure as hell didn’t. But here we are.

Prime Time has some solid points too.

But does that mean I am personally 10000/10000 on hitting strictly water when peeing? Nope. I’ve definitely had my slip ups over the years. Hand up. And will I guarantee in the future I’ll go 100000/100000? Absolutely not. Just too many variables that go into taking a piss to make that type of guarantee.

However, this video may just be what I needed to help keep me accountable. Make me concentrate harder. And in turn, do my part to make this world/men’s public bathrooms a better, more clean place. Thanks for that, Deion. You’re the real MVP.