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Which Is Worse — Threatening To Physically Assault And Cause Bodily Injury To Someone OR Attempting To Steal A Pitching Sign By Banging A Trashcan?

Call me soft but unlike Nick Markakis I’ve never thought violence to be the answer for any type of situation. Especially a situation as petty and tiny as trying to gain a competitive advantage by intently studying a pitchers movements and tendencies then relaying that to the baseball batter via a trashcan.

So, in my book, and I believe a law book, it’s much worse to threaten to physically hurt someone, than steal a pitching sign.

And I’ve made this point a million times but stealing signs is equivalent to an offensive lineman getting away with a hold and the RB scoring. It’s technically cheating but it’s something all teams do every game and there’s a million other variables that go into winning a Championship. Chill out, Nick.


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