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New Astros Pitcher Jared Hughes May Have Just Saved The Astros Season

A few days ago, Astros new General Manager, James Click, made his first official signing: Jared Hughes.

At the time, the signing didn’t exactly make a splash. Because quite frankly, 99% of Astros fans probably had no clue who the hell Jared Hughes even was.

Well, for those at home, Jared is gigantic right handed pitcher coming in at 6’7”, 240 lbs. And while he may not be a household name, he’s far from being a prospect — he’s 34 years old and entering his 8th season in the big leagues.

Now, you may be wondering, how is it that a 34 year old pitcher, who basically not a single fan knows about, going to save the Astros season?

Well, it starts and ends with picture day:

Clearly, Jared’s previous pictures don’t exactly scream intimidation. Quite the opposite actually. Which is why Jared knew if he was going to save the Astros season, he’d have to bring absolute heat to this year’s picture day. And boy did Jared bring the heat:

Pyscho path city, population Jared Hughes.

It’s that type of swag, energy and craziness the Astros will need to make it out of this sign stealing scandal alive — especially with the over/under of Astros being hit by a pitch already set at a ridiculously high 83.5. With the release of Jared’s new team photo though, it’s hard not to imagine that number will surely drop significantly. Because I can promise you this, the man in this picture is not a man any team wants to fuck with.

Especially, when Jared takes his signature mad man sprint to the mound:

And while JT Realmuto my not be a fan of the power run, you can’t argue with Jared that there’s a method to the madness:

“I had a backup catcher say, ‘Hey, you just should sprint in and throw it as hard as you can because this might be your last outing ever. You might get released. So I said, ‘All right, let’s do it, man.’ I started sprinting in and I started throwing 4 mph harder.”

In the midst of the shit storm, sign stealing scandal, Jared Hughes may not be the hero Houston asked for, but he may just be the hero Houston needs.


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