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Emmitt Smith Says Dak Prescott Should Give Cowboys A Discount In Contract Demands And He’s Right

As it stands now, Dak has already turned down $33 million a year and is reportedly demanding $40+ milly a year — which would make him the highest paid QB1 in the league.

While there’s no doubt Dak has played well in his four years in the NFL, there’s also no doubt he’s not Patrick Mahomes. He’s not Lamar Jackson. He’s not Russell Wilson. Hell, I don’t think he even beats out an aging Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

Really, he’s an above average QB1 with solid stats and a 1-2 playoff record. Yawn.

And with that, it’s going to be hard to convince me, or Jerry Jones, that you desereve to be the highest paid QB1 in the league. Especially coming off a season where you couldn’t even lead your team to the playoffs.

I get there were other factors contributing to the Boys missing the playoffs aka Jason Garrett, but at the end of the day all of the top QB1 in this league deal with shitty coaches, injuries, etc and they still make the playoffs year in and year out. Why can’t Dak?

Bottom line is this — in a salary cap league, when you aren’t making the playoffs, you aren’t worth $40 million a year. And when you start playing games in contract negotiations, you end up franchised tag. Is that really the road Dak wants to go down? Because it’s definitely where he is heading.

Which bring my to why Emmitt is right. The Dallas Cowboys are the most well known, markatable sports franchise on this planet. And if you’re their QB1, you don’t need to be paid the highest paid QB1 in the league to be the richest QB1 in the league. Just lock in a long term QB1 contract with the Boys and the endorsement/sponsorship that will be blowing up your phone shortly after will be 10x more frequent and 10x more lucrative than if you were to sign a deal with lowly teams like the Detroit Lions or Cleveland Browns. It’s a fact that any “discount” you take, you’ll make for in spades with endorsements.

Don’t be an idiot and end up franchised tagged or traded because your ego is bigger than what your salary should be.