Houston Rockets

There Was A Murder At Last Night’s Rockets v. Utah Game

If that Utah fan isn’t dead, he’s got to be on life support, right?

Talking all that shit only to have Westbrook slam down a ridiculous alley oop over your star player you had just said he couldn’t score on, and then to make matters worse Westbrook immediately proceeds talking shit back to you? Damn.

Some people are even calling it the best play of this entire NBA season. Pretty strong praise. Do I agree with that statement? Let me think for a sec….


That hands down is the best play you have seen, and will see, this NBA season. Maybe potentially ever? And it’s precisely why Daryl Morey is willing to die on the small ball hill. Because when you have players like Westbrook, all you got to do is spread the floor open and let them go to work. Cash Money.