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Here’s Why Opposing Fans Should Continue To BOOOOO The Astros

The Astros took the field today for a spring training game against Detroit, which I get doesn’t exactly move the needle for most folks. But personally, I was excited for it. Because while it may just be another spring training game, it was the first of the season with Altuve, Bregman, Correa, Springer all playing.

And as expected, the booooo birds were out in full force for our star players. Shocker. However, we finally got the chance to see how the Stros would respond to the hate from opposing fans. Would we crumble or prevail?

Is 11-1 good? Do teams normally score 11 runs in baseball games? Or is that unusually high?

The experts are are telling me that it is in fact an incredible feat to score 11 runs in a game. If that’s true, which I do believe it is, then please, by all means, BOOOOO the shit out of us all season. I’ll take 11-1 all day, every day and twice on Sundays.