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Travis Scott Loved Travis Scott Bobblehead Night

Yawn. Wake me up for Kylie Jenner bobblehead night.

However, I don’t blame Travis for feelin himself at his bobblehead night. I’d love my own bobblehead night too. Wouldn’t even need to be at a Rockets game either. I’d be content with my bobblehead debut being at a 3A JV High School football game.

Also, I don’t listen or know much about Travis Scott but I did watch his documentary on Netflix and it made me absolutely terrified to ever go to one of his concerts. Just way too many intense 15 year olds looking to rage and beat people up. I do though respect Travis as a musician and Rockets fan. The dude packs a crowd and definitely is always turning up at the games.

But would I wait in line 5 hours for a bobblehead:

No fucking way. I’d probably pay around $12 for one though.


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