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Is Texas The Most Underachieving Basketball School In The Country?

This tweet came across my desk today and it really hit home. Because when discussing Texas basketball with my friends, we always talk about how ridiculous it is the Horns have never gotten anywhere with guys like Kevin Durant, Lemarcus Aldridge, DJ Augustin, Avery Bradley, Mo Bamba or even Jaxon Hayes.

Not to bash Jaxon Hayes but every time I see a SportsCenter clip of him dunking on people it infuriates me:

Where the hell was this aggression and athleticism last season dude?

Anyways, to me, it’s hard to argue with Chris. But Chris and David (who are both must follow on twitter for any UT fan) continued to spar back and forth:

They both have some solid points too. But the fact of the matter is this — we have had some of the top college basketball talent in the last 20 years, including the world’s best basketball player, Kevin Durant, and have ONE Final Four appearance (shoutout TJ Ford) to show for it. Hell, we couldn’t even make it past the Sweet 16 with KD.

And when you’re the biggest, richest, sexiest and most talented school in the country but have ZERO National Championships, that is underachieving. And a problem.

On the bright side, we’ve won three games in a row and still have an outside shot at making March Madness. Maybe this is the year?


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