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Video: More Disgusting Behavior From Opposing MLB Fans

Jose Altuve is out in Florida doing god’s work. Molding our youth, giving back to the community and signing baseballs for any child who asks. What. A. Guy.

Unfortunately though, in this world we live in not everyone is an outstanding member of society like Altuve. There’s trash and scum at almost every MLB park. People who want to watch the world burn. Who want to yell and incite terror in front of young, innocent children. And to no ones surprise those people usually seem to be Dodger and Yankee fans. Sad.

But luckily Jose while only standing 5 feet 6 inches, is still bigger than those assholes. He can brush off their immature rants, yells and taunts. He doesn’t feel the need to one up them by showing his awesome shoulder tat that has been upgraded significantly since the 2017 season. Because while I would love for Jose to rip off his shirt and shove their ugly mugs in his shoulder tat, that’s just not Jose’s style. He’s too classy to snoop down to that level. Which is exactly why he’s an MVP and World Series Champion and these lowlifes are in the bleachers of a spring training game in the middle of a work day.


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