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Why Does ESPN, The Athletic And All Of New York Media Refuse To Address Gerrit Cole’s Comments?

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When speaking to USA Today over the weekend, Gerrit Cole addressed his former team:

“I’m going to miss those guys,’’ Cole said. “They’re under scrutiny right now. So many people are coming after them. I anticipate them bunkering down. I think they are going to play really hard, and really well this year. Hopefully if they do that, maybe they can quiet it down a little bit, proving this will be a fresh slate for them. But I’m telling you, we played fair and square last year. I didn’t see anything in 2018 either. I really didn’t. But no one wants to hear it now.’’

Interesting. Did anyone see this quote on ESPN? The Athletic? Barstool? Or literally the 1,524,232,232 media outlets in New York? I know myself, Michael Schwab and google sure as hell didn’t:

So, what gives? Does this story not fit their narrative? I mean why else would they intentionally refuse to talk about the 2018 and 2019 season where there has been ZERO evidence of cheating?

Or maybe these media outlets just don’t think it’s important to address the No. 1 pitcher in baseball addressing the sign stealing scandal? Perhaps it’s just more fun to tarnish and destroy our storied franchises good name? Sure seems like that’s the case.


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