Austin Longhorns

If You Want To Watch Collin Johnson Dominate The Bench Press I Have Just The Video For You

Told you so. Complete and utter domination of the bench press. And definitely more than I bench pressed today. Or this week/year/decade/life.

As to the draft, Johnson is currently looking at being a 3rd to 4th round pick. Which has got to be a little disapointing for him considering the expectations he had going into his senior year. However, even with an injury-plagued season, he still put up 2,468 yards and 16 touchdowns over his career and last time I checked he’s also still 6′ 6″ and can absolutely crush a bench press.

If you’re an NFL teaming looking for a future pro bowl WR1, you should probably ignore the Mel Kiper or Todd McShays of the world, and draft this future pro bowler before someone else does.