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Today George Springer Swung A Baseball Bat Harder Than Any Player Has Ever Swung A Baseball Bat

Unbelievable. Just an absolute rocket of a swing. A swing so hard and powerful it left Springer on his knees. Honestly, I truly can’t think of a single player in the history of the league who has swung a baseball bat harder.

Haters will try to spin this and say this was no more than Springer trying to quiet the crowd. That the Boooooooos got to him. That he was rattled. That the Mets mind games worked. But haters are idiots for a reason.

The reason being this is a spring training game where players are supposed to be working on new swings, techniques, stances, footwork, etc. And that is exactly what this was. Springer showing the entire MLB that he’s looking to hit bombs each and every pitch. LOVE IT.


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