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Jerry Jones Has Been Thinking About Dez Bryant In The Shower

Jerry’s words, not mine.

I’m sure there’s a lot of haters out there who say Dez is too old. A shell of himself. A has-been. They’ll want to point to the fact that the last time Dez played was two seasons ago when he joined the Saints only to get hurt two days later in practice.

But Dez is no slouch. Don’t let a freak injury make you forget he is a three-time Pro Bowl player, who totaled over 7,459 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns in his 8 year career. The dude balled. And judging by the work out videos he regularly posts on his IG and Twitter, he still can:

But will the Jerry really get out of the shower and take the call? From a football stance, those haters will keep hating and say it’s too risky picking him up, not knowing where he’s at athletically after two years removed from the game. Which is fair. But ask yourself this haters, does this look like a man who doesn’t have anymore gas left in the tank, like a man who isn’t ready to put up 10 catches, 160 yards and 3 TDs on any given Sunday:

Sure doesn’t to me!

Plus, if I know one thing about Jerry Jones, it’s Jerry is all showbiz baby. The X back in a Cowboys uniform would be must watch. I know it, you know it, Dez knows it and Jerry sure as hell knows it.