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James Harden Just Invited Me Over To His House

For those not as well traveled as myself, “my casa su casa” is Spanish for “my house is your house.” And being that James is my guy, I’ll of course take him up on the offer to go chill at his crib — assuming my calendar is open that is. Yup, very available today.

A lot of people will probably think Harden and I don’t have a lot in common. That there will be nothing for us to do or discuss. WRONG.

1. I’ll make him my famous BBQ chicken wings. Harden of course is a sucker for BBQ chicken:

2. We’ll invite strippers over, which is both of our favorite pastime:

Image result for james harden strippers

3. We’ll talk shit about the least skilled NBA player in the league:

Really just a lot of bros doing bros type stuff.

However, part of being bros is bustin balls. So, I wouldn’t be doing by duty as his bro if I didn’t at least address that this was his third attempt to get “mi casa su casa” correct:


Get the grill going, James — I’ll be over around 4PM.