Coronavirus Has Officially Hit Austin, Texas

Like I said in my tweet, I didn’t sign up to break Coronavirus news. I’m here to blog about sports in Texas, as well as anything and everything Sam Ehlinger. But here we are.

A nurse at St. David’s has confirmed a patient tested positive for coronavirus. Which is the extent of my knowledge on the situation.

As to the coronavirus itself, I personally think it’s overhyped. The Baker Mayfield of viruses. But people really seem to be freaking out about it. I have friends in group texts who have been sending pictures of themselves stocking up with canned foods and supplies from Costco. To me, that is bananaland. And these people were doing that last week! Which means they’ve spent an entire week eating shitty Costco food and now are probably already half way through it. Embarrassing.

Bottom line is this — there’s a million different ways I may leave this world but I can guarantee it won’t be from Coronavirus.



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