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An OU Football Player Found Love Last Night After OU Lost To Texas In Classic, Devastating Fashion

Last night OU fans everywhere had their hearts ripped out and smashed to pieces when Coleman hit the dagger 3 pointer to win the game. Obviously, it has to be brutal to be an OU fan day in and day out, but this video really highlights just how devastating it was to be one yesterday:

HOWEVER, even in the darkest of hours, love never stops fighting. Love is always out there grinding. And last night was no exception. Because while 99.9% of OU fans had their hearts torn apart, there was one fan who did not. Who quite the opposite had his heart filled with pure, genuine love.

Enter OU football WR, Spencer “Spence” Jones:

Now, I was not in attendance at last night’s game, so, I cannot tell you what Allie did in the basketball challenge to leave such a lasting impression on Spence. But it must have been a hell of a performance to cause the redshirt junior who has a total of 1 catch in his 3 year career, which came against Liberty University, gasping and wanting more Allie.

But in a big town like Norman, Oklahoma could Spence find Allie. Could this end up being a love story bigger than the Notebook? Twilight? You’ve Got Mail? Would Allie find his tweet and accept his invite?

Boom. Per usual, love wins. Even in a gross, unbearable town like Norman, Oklahoma.


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