Austin Longhorns

Texas Fans Out Hustle The Rest Of The Country

Laying it all out on the line for an opportunity to take home a meaningless foul ball from an early March, non-conference game, against an unranked opponent, is exactly what separates UT fans from the rest of the country. It truly is that type of drive, passion, will to win, that makes burnt orange nation the GOAT of college sports fans.

Her friend was probably telling her — we are too far away, the dude right in front is going to get it, don’t waste your time, you have your god damn cell phone in your hand!

Luckily, she didn’t hear her friend or the haters. She naturally sprung out of her seat and made an atheletic dive in order to take what was rightfully hers, then scurried back but not before letting the crowd know what’s up:



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