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Coronavirus 1, SXSW 0

Coronavirus has officially taken down SXSW. What. The. Hell.

A total of 14 people have died since Coronavirus hit the US. Yawn. You know how many people in the US have died in car crashes during the month Coronavirus has been here? 3,140. Are we just going to stop driving?!

How many people die from skin cancer each month in the US? 125. Should we cancel beaches? Just throw in the towel (no pun intended) and forget that surfing, sand castles, bikinis, White Claws and a good time ever existed?

Lets even say these coronavirus truthers are right. That in two months 500,000 Americans are infected with it. What is canceling SXSW going to do to change that? Delay the inevitable? If we die, we die. We might as well jam out and crush some beers until that happens.


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