SXSW Is Canceled, Will WGC Dell Match Play Be Next?

One of the best weeks to be an Austinite just got absolutely dominated by Coronavirus, and with the WGC just three weeks away, it has me very fucking nervous.

Make no mistake about it, the WGC week is a top 3 week in Austin. And if Coronavirus ruins that for me, I’m gonna lose it. It just makes zero sense to cancel. I mean you probably have a better chance getting hit by a shanked Tiger Woods tee shot than you do getting infected by the Coronavirus at Austin Country Club.

But these Coronavirus truthers will stop at nothing to ruin a good time and freak everyone out. Shame on them.

I will give them credit though, they’re doing a hell of a job at it. Don’t be surprised to see players withdraw or the tournament get canceled all together.


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