Westlake High School Student Self-Quarantines Himself After Possible Coronavirus Exposure

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cbsaustin: Eanes ISD officials say a Westlake High School student has self-quarantined after possibly becoming exposed to COVID-19, more commonly known as coronavirus.

In a letter to parents and staff, Eanes ISD superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard said the unidentified student recently attended a national conference out of state and had contact with one or more people who later exhibited flu-like symptoms consistent with the coronavirus.

The student has not been positively diagnosed with coronavirus but is self-quarantined at home as a precaution. The student is currently healthy with no signs of the virus.

As a Westlake alum, this hits home. Could have been me. Although I definitely wasn’t attending a “National conference out of state” when I was in school. What does that even mean? Is this kid a CEO of a Fortune 500 company?

Either way, I think we can all agree he’s definitely now just chilling at home making Tik Tok videos? I don’t blame him either. He’s taken advantage of an opportune situation. Good for him. But my god has he caused a shit storm. Because under his self quarantine theory, now everyone at Westlake has to self quarantine because they’ve been exposed to him? Right?

I do have a source over at Westlake who tells me they have hired a cleaning service to deep clean all his classrooms and other places around Westlake. I guess that should do the trick. Lol.


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