Who Did It Better: Titanic or HEB?


Maybe it’s recency bias but I have to go with HEB here. And that comes from a huge Titanic guy and even bigger Leo fan.

But it was absolutely bananaland at HEB. Granted I did wait until yesterday to make my “panic run” but even so it was one of the more shocking things I’ve ever seen. Place was a zoo. I waited in the checkout line for about 5 minutes before just giving up and ditching the roll of toilet paper and body wash I had in the cereal aisle. People gave me a look too like I was goner. Like I didn’t have the will power or stamina to make it in a #PostCorona world.

But no doubt if my local HEB had these mariachi dudes jamming while I was waiting in the checkout line, it would have given me the motivation I needed to chill and stay put. Instead I’m now running dangerously close to having no toilet paper, body wash and zero beans:


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