Houston Texans

Reason 1,433,452,342 Why Bill O’Brien Should Be Fired — He Told DeAndre Hopkins He Was Acting Like Aaron Hernandez Prior To Trading Him

Why does Bill O’Brien still have a job coaching the Texans? Seriously. What an absolutely horrific way to speak to your franchise player, or any player for that matter, especially one who has done nothing but be a class act to the city of Houston.

Let me ask you this, Bill. Did Aaron Hernandez ever receive praise from the mayor of his city for his leadership and work in the community?

No. He absolutely did not. Because Aaron Hernandez wasn’t out contributing to his community and volunteering at charities during his time off the field. Quite the opposite actually. He was out murdering people while running a drug operation out of his home.

Also, when did being a supportive, involved, co-parenting father and allowing your children’s mothers to be around you and the place you work become a negative thing? Does Bill prefer his players to be deadbeat dads? Sure seems like it.

What an asshole.

And to no ones surprise, DeAndre continues to be a class act by trying to help quiet the noise surrounding this story:

I can promise you this, if someone compared me to Aaron Hernandez, I would never come out and tell the world “I have the utmost respect” for that person. But DeAndre is not me. Because not only does DeAndre have far better hands than me, he clearly has a better heart to.