Love Austin? Love Animals? Bored in Quarantine? Then I Got Just The Thing For You

My good buddy (@indianspringsranch) owns and lives on the property above, which is located in South Austin. Since we were in high school, he and his dad have made it their mission to build a community of animals that can cohabitate and coexist together. Well, mission accomplished.

As you see in the picture above, it is hands down the most incredible 50 acres of land in Austin. Maybe Texas? Potentially the World?

I mean look at these bros:

You will never meet any animals in your life who are more polite than the ones at @indianspringsranch:

Or a group of animals who love chillin more:

But as much as the animals at @indianspringsranch enjoy chillin, they love, love even more:

Just big time romantics over at @indianspringsranch.

And big time athletes too:

But above all, the animals at @indianspringsranch, like all good Texans, love to fuckin eat and drink:

So if you love Austin, love animals and want to support local businesses, give @indianspringsranch a follow– the animals would appreciate the clout.


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