Houston Roughnecks QB1 And Undefeated XFL Champion, PJ Walker, Has Signed With The Carolina Panthers

To absolutely no one’s surprise, PJ Walker is officially an NFL Quarterback. If you watched even just a minute of the Houston Roughnecks this season, it was very clear that PJ was THE reason the Roughnecks “Run N’ Shoot” high powered offense was so successful:

So, it’s not exactly a shocker that multiple NFL teams were licking their chops at the thought of PJ joining their squad:

But because PJ is free agent, being he was never on an NFL roster, he had his pick of the litter when it came to deciding which NFL team he wanted to play for.

Why did he choose Carolina you may ask?

Makes sense. Because with the Panthers officially getting rid of Cam Newton last week, this gives PJ the opportunity to start next season. What a rags to riches story that would be — from the XFL to an NFL QB1 in just one year. Love to see it.