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Astros Josh Reddick Absolutely Destroys Twitter Troll

So last night, 2017 World Series Champion Josh Reddick sent out the above tweet. Just doing his civic duty to put the world on notice that Walmart may not be complying with the 10 person rule. Some say it was a hero move by Josh to stand up against a corporate giant like Walmart. Hard to disagree with that either.

But unfortunately even in the midst of these trying times, there are still lowly twitter trolls out there who will stop at nothing to troll:

What a fucking loser. In the heights of a global pandemic with food and supply shortages all over this country and this asshole honestly has the nerve to grocery store shame a World Series Champion. PATHETIC.

But what this troll doesn’t understand is Josh Reddick didn’t become a World Series Champion by just rolling over and dying when the slightest bit of adversity hit. He’s a champion for a reason and he sure as hell let this troll know it:

BOOM. Kiss the ring, troll! That is what we in the blog biz call getting absolutely dominated by a World Series Champion on twitter. Love to see it.


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  • Yes let’s flash the tainted world series ring. What a pathetic loser! You cheated to earn that…. That’s like me robbing a bank and then flashing the cash like I earned it .. what a bum

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