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Texas OC Mike Yurich Is Here To Help You Pass Quarantine Time

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Just like everyone else in world right now, football coaches are being forced to work from home during #CoronaSzn. And like everyone else, they too are bored out of their minds and are trying to come up with anything to help fill the long quarantine hours.

Enter Texas Offensive Coordinator Mike Yurcich.

Over the last few days, he has been blending both work and social media by drawing up plays on his iPad and uploading them to twitter:

These first two are out of the 21 formation (2 RB’s/1 TE) which we touched on a few days ago. This just further proves Coach Yurcich’s love of this formation and why would he not? You have 3 stud RB’s coming into 2020 and thats not even counting 5 star Bijan Robinson. All of them can be motioned out as receivers too to get a mismatch on a linebacker in man coverage, as coach mentions in his videos.

Both of the first plays are very similar concepts, one is just to beat Cover 3 and the other is to beat Cover 4. The first play Texas ran a lot last year with Collin Johnson being the far right receiver, using his size and football IQ on reading DB’s to decide which route he would run. The second play will be interesting to watch if Texas runs it a lot this season. It requires a TE that demands coverage on top of him. I love Cade Brewer and Jared WIley, both of those guys had rough starts to the 2019 season but both finished strong. However, I am not confident right now that one of them could demand this type of coverage. You could just as easily run the same play though with Jake Smith off the line as a slot receiver.

This last play is just pure spread porn, from the likes of Mike Leach and as Coach mentions, Drew Brees from his days at Purdue when he really showed the nation what the spread offense could do. Again, this play fits Texas personnel perfectly. Strong outside receivers who can win 1v1 matchups (Eagles), inside slot/speed guys who you have to cover the middle of the field with (Smith/Whittington) and a stud QB who is able to look off safeties then come back to the other side of the field with a strong throw.

I could watch this stuff all day. I don’t know what it is but it is always interesting letting college coaches, especially offensive coordinators, show how/what they are thinking during their play calls. Maybe it is just the 14 year old in me who played way too much NCAA and thinks he could call plays just as well as any coach. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t left my house in 8 days. Either way, I miss football.


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